Who can be a Peer Mentor?

✓  Any 2nd and 3rd years can apply to be a peer mentor in their relevant department.

 The role requires a mentor to be passionate and committed to helping their peers.

Why be a Peer Mentor?
  • Sense of fulfillment and personal growth                       
  • Improved CV
  • Enhanced employability skills that employers seek      
  • Personal satisfaction of making new students feel more welcome
  • Widened friend circle                                                         
  • Being part of/creating a new community
  • Enables students to obtain the SAILS Peer Mentoring HEAR Award
Peer Mentoring Handbook – Mentors!


When does Peer Mentoring begin?

Peer mentoring is already established in some departments. However, for departments which are yet to incorporate peer mentoring, it will take around a year before the schemes officially run. Contact your department to discover when peer mentoring will be established and how you can get involved!

Where does Mentoring take place?

Part of your role as a mentor is to engage with a small group of mentees; to discuss problems and concerns they may have. Group sessions will take place in public places such as:

  • Cafes
  • Library areas
  • University rooms

It is your responsibility as a mentor to communicate efficiently with your mentees to arrange a suitable meeting location!

How can I apply to be a Peer Mentor?

Your department will advertise whether they are running a peer mentoring scheme and if they need mentors. You will then need to fill out an application form and you will be contacted if you are successful in continuing the path of becoming a mentor.