Hearing impairment means any degree and type of auditory disorder, while deafness means an extreme inability to discriminate conversational speech through the ear. Deaf people are those who cannot use their hearing for communication. People with a lesser degree of hearing impairment are called hard of hearing. Usually, a person is considered deaf when even amplified speech cannot be understood.

AJ-Books-2-2400px Impact on Study:


  • Difficulty in receiving auditory information.


  • Unable to properly participate in lectures or presentations, if at all.


color-icons-BW-help-2400px How to Help:

  • Present auditory information in visual and/or tactile form. Increasing the volume range and lowering the frequency of products with high pitched auditory output would be helpful to some less severely impaired individuals.


  • Familiar coping strategies for hearing impaired people include the use of hearing aids, sign language, lip-reading and TDDs (telecommunication devices for the deaf).


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