Multiple Impairments: Awareness

Multiple Impairment
It is common to find that what causes a single type of impairment also causes others. This is particularly true where disease or trauma is severe, or in the case of impairments caused by ageing.

Deaf-blindness is one commonly identified combination. Most of these individuals are neither profoundly deaf nor legally blind, but are both visual and hearing impaired to the extent that strategies for deafness or blindness alone won’t work.

Multiple Impairments
People with developmental disabilities may have a combination of mental and physical impairments that result in substantial functional limitations in three or more areas of major life activity.

For example:

  • Diabetes, which can cause blindness, also often causes loss of sensation in the fingers. This makes braille or raised lettering impossible to read.
  • Cerebral palsy is often accompanied by visual impairments, by hearing and language disorders, or by cognitive impairments.

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