Inclusivity aims to make learning, teaching and assessment accessible to people from a wide range of different educational, cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.  SAILS undertakes a range of initiatives working with academic Colleges and professional services to ensure that our students are enabled to achieve their full potential.   For more information please email

The Enhancing Degree Outcomes Project (EDOP) aims to enhance retention, progression and attainment of students.  The project is looking at patterns of achievement and progression, amendments to degree regulations to encourage higher attainment, barriers to progression for different student characteristics, and enhancements to the process of induction and transition for new and continuing students.

Induction and Transition – A task and finish group has been set up for Colleges to evaluate and enhance current induction and transition processes for new and continuing students on undergraduate and post graduate taught programmes. The group will consider induction as a process and transition throughout the student journey, ensuring inclusivity, to encourage student engagement and improve student retention, progression and attainment.

Students with Disabilities – The Academy assists Colleges and Professional Services in supporting students with disabilities. SAILS is currently working on a guide and student stories, detailing the disability support available. Staff case studies to help share good practice on reasonable adjustments are being developed and resources for placement support are being reviewed.

For further information staff may go to collaborate.