Inclusivity aims to make learning, teaching and assessment accessible to people from a wide range of different educational, cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.  SAILS undertakes a range of initiatives working with academic Colleges and professional services to ensure that our students are enabled to achieve their full potential.   For more information please email

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SAILS supports the University’s Senior Management Team and staff to deliver a range of projects and initiatives to achieve our vision across the student lifecycle from pre-application to completion within the themes of:

Access – Enabling individuals from underrepresented groups to enter and transition into higher education.

Retention – Supporting students to continue to study and complete their programmes of study.

Progression – Ensuring that students have the academic and pastoral support to progress from level to level.

Outcomes – Supporting students from diverse backgrounds to achieve the best degree outcomes they can.

Current priorities include:

  • effective induction for new students and transition for continuing students;
  • student interventions for success based on using a range of data in relation to engagement with learning;
  • enhanced personal tutoring through a refocus on academic mentoring to support students’ personal and professional development;
  • effective and accessible pastoral support through the creation of a student life network of staff across the University to support students with welfare issues;
  • ongoing enhancement of support for students with disabilities and mental health issues.

For more information, staff may go to Collaborate.